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Rosalie , Dominica

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  • Titou Gorge a 9.1km
  • Central Forest Reserve a 11.0km
  • Glasse Point Trail View a 7.6km



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Tipo Habitación compartida - 150 m² - Hasta 6 personas

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Tipo de cama Cama individual: 4 alojamientos - Cama doble: 2 alojamientos
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6 personas 121,72 € 724,07 € 2 215,16 €

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I'm 55 years of age. I spent the 1st 8 days of my 2nd trip to Dominica in a nice cottage elsewhere on the island. I wasn't looking forward to spending my last 5 days at an eco-resort, in spite of my environmental leanings. However, after spending those days at 3 Rivers, I take it back. I found a small paradise in a beautiful valley, with a great swimming pool in a river, lots of great local hiking, and great people. I stayed in the Ocean View, but the best view was looking over the little valley, which was 3 Rivers. I got up in the AM and watched as ground herons fed on, well, whatever they feed on (insects, lizards?), the resort's donkeys and chickens eating their breakfasts, and people stirring, as hawks flew overhead. I went to Dominica with my daughter, and 2 environmentally oriented brothers. My brothers stayed in the Tree House up in the rainforest. They thought this was a special treat. My daughter slept in the hammock on the porch of Ocean View. Young people can do these things. As for me, I enjoyed every minute I was there. I will be back.



I read about 3 rivers in an international magazine and when I heard that I was going to visit it with my class I was excited. I am a nature lover and very much concerned of the impact that I was having on the environment.3 Rivers in an oasis in a world of industrial demise. I wish I never had to leave.the rivers are fat and beautiful. everything is so serene and peaceful that it is impossible to beleive that such a place exsist by it does.3 rivers has all the mordern amities but at the same time takes you back to a period that young folks like me didn't even know exsisted. The strategies that are deployed to minimised our impact on the environment is so simple and so basic that I couldn't help using them at home. All it takes is a love for the earth and everything else flows. For me It is not so much the environment that is stunning but it the impact that it created,an awareness that will be with me everywhere I go and hopefully forever. everyone should visit 3 rivers and meet jem winston, it is a lesson of a lifetime.