Paul, 64 años

Niort , FR

PAUL ya ha viajado con Bedycasa

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They are a good couple. We like them a lot. But one point they didn't pay attention and bothered me and it was their irresponsibility. Because they told me they would arrive to Tehran in 1:30 in the morning. So, we stayed awake until 2:30 am and the officer of their visa called us to confirm they are our guests. After that at 4:00 am another one called us to take our address while they had our address before. Then again in 5:00 am they called us again to direct them to our address. Finally they got here at about 7:00 am while we couldn't sleep all the night. Then again they woke us up at 8:30 to give them advices for going in to the city. In the end, after our complain, they told us they only booked for the other night and they wouldn't pay anything for this night. I think it is not fair.

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